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A note from Space Ward creator Matt Fowler

Hello and thanks for stepping on board The Gallant. If you've made it this far I'm assuming you've already listened to some episodes and become a part of our characters' world and I could not be more humbled by your support. Science Fiction has always been an important part of my life. From a young age I was obsessed with the X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, First Wave, and anything Stephen King. Scifi is part of what drove me into the entertainment industry and I believe it holds a vastly important place in the past, present, and future state of humanity. After becoming a fan of podcasts like The Bright Sessions, Girl in Space, The Adventure Zone, etc. and producing a number of short films and webseries, I finally felt compelled to sit down and write my own audio drama. We have some incredible talent on board (many of whom are also cast members of the new Koei Tecmo video game Dynasty Warriors 9) and we couldn't be more proud to be tackling these issues and to have such a great fan base behind us.  Thanks for stopping by. #nevergiveup

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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller


Matt Fowler is an actor/producer and the creator of Space Ward. Recent acting credits include the voicing Zhuge Liang in the video game Dynasty Warriors 9 for Koei Tecmo, as well multiple television appearances for networks such as Oxygen, NBCU, YouTube Red, ID, TruTV, and more. Matt resides in Los Angeles, California and is originally from Castleton Vermont. You can find out more about him at

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as ALLI 

Meghan attended the University of Southern California, where she graduated with a B.A. from the School of Dramatic Arts, and also minored in Screenwriting. While there she attended the study abroad program at the British American Dramatic Academy, and lived out a dream of performing Shakespeare at a professional theatre in London. 

Currently living in Los Angeles, her most notable recent roles were Zhurong and Xin Xianying in the Koei Tecmo video game Dynasty Warrirors 9. For the past year she has been working with Voxx Studios, dubbing both lead and one-off characters from telenovelas into English for broadcast in South Africa. She has also recorded and produced eight audiobooks from her home studio, which are all available for purchase on iTunes, amazon, and audible. She also recently became a member of Urban Theatre Movement, a company she has performed with twice over the past year.

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From Radio to Television, from Stage to Screen, Devin's work is to educate, entertain and inform others;
Devin is an American voice with a wide-ranging ability; whether appearing in Sitcoms, Dramas and Kids' Shows or moderating Conferences on Genocide, from hosting Fashion Shows and fundraisers to Singing, Producing, Editing and Writing... There is no limit to the scope of his vocation.
Devin has been working steadily as an Actor, Director and as an entertainment consultant, and without representation, managed to book roles on primetime shows (both Sitcom and Drama), a supporting role in a major Musical, and even starred in a Superbowl commercial.
He's worked for the biggest directors and performed on the biggest television and film stages as a union utility actor, top tier stand in, dancer, athlete, animal wrangler and model. Along the way he also produced and directed radio and television commercials, worked on industrial and new media projects, reality shows, web-series and competitive short films.

Often overlooked are Devin's many years on the radio, hosting the popular morning show "Hennessy in the Morning" and others across multiple stations, Devin produced thousands of hours of broadcast entertainment, including National and regional commercials and VO work for network affiliates and major ad agencies.
Over the last two decades, he's taught hundreds, if not thousands of children, teen and adult actors in formal acting classes, workshops and in private sessions. Past clients have gone on to star on major network and cable shows, while others have found success in film and print work. Devin's experience in both Union and Non Union production of entertainment and marketing media has made him one of the most trusted independent entertainment and media consultants in Southern California.

Devin is currently Directing Voice Over and English ADR for International Distribution in Los Angeles and is available on a limited basis for consultation, coaching and appearances.




Last week I hiked 12 kilometers and descended 120 meters (the Statue of Liberty and a half) into the magma chamber of the Thrihnukagigur Volcano in Iceland - the only volcano on the planet you can do that. 
I did yoga poses among the rainbow-painted bottom, took a volcano selfie, made a twitter joke, blogged about my experience, and am now developing a post-apocalyptic comedic/sci-fi feature set in Iceland. 
But my absolute favorite part of the day was eating hot soup with the locals right after our wet and very chilly trek.
I am a dork and a dame who is drawn to life experiences, big and small. Whether it's branding a product, directing experiential theater, creating web series, event planning, or writing and acting in movies, I bring a bold point of view (and a bit of fun) to everything I do.
My goals in life are simple:
1. Marry the love of my life
2. Become a mother half as loving as mine
3. Own a dog
4. Do good work with people I respect
5. Eat a $100 mango in Japan
6. Travel to all 7 continents
The rest is just fabulous subplot.

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Ivan Bernal is a Latino, fully Bilingual Actor from Mexico, raised in Dallas, Texas. Over 12 years of acting experience in the fields of Film , Theater (30+ Productions in Mexico, Dallas and L.A.) Television, most recent appeared as guest start in Telemundo's Soap Opera "Bajo el Mismo Cielo", Netflix: Real Rob, and starred as lead in the Cine Sony Mini Series "La Vida es como el Cine".
Ivan is a member of the Sag-Aftra Union for Actors. Being fully bilingual he has been able to work in both markets both commercially and Theatrically. Commercially he's done different National Campaigns & Commercials. Most Recent: 76 Gas Stations (2 spots) Target, Boost Mobile, McDonalds and Honda among others. His Dedication and perseverance has won him many achievements, He was invited by National Spanish Morning show "Despierta America" to show the struggle of a working actor in hollywood and to share his accomplishments on a two day segment followed by a Live Interview with the show hosts. Ivan is also the recipient of the Sinergia Award from the Frida Kahlo Theater in Los Angeles for Acting and in 2008 he was the winner of Best Actor in a Monologue of the Dallas Latino Theater Festival for the piece he wrote and co-directed. Ivan is also a producer and casting producer, some of his recent credits include Telemundo's Milagro de Navidad where he helped cast 6 of 12 Episodes being shot in the Los Angeles and Tijuana area. Ivan Bernal was also an assistant producer in the Film "Ofelia" that won Best of Los Angeles in the 48 Hour Film Festival. Other producer credits include "All City" a short play for the 10 Minute Theater Festival and this summer of 2018 he will be producing the award winning play "Are you Bringing Something from Mexico".

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Steven Marter was born in Metairie, Louisiana and moved to Paradise, Texas in 3rd grade where he finished grade school. After high school, he attended KD studio, a small acting conservatory in Dallas, Texas. After a few years of working in the industry in Texas, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Now in Los Angeles, every single day Steven is working and pursuing his career. Most recent acting credit was Xu Shu in Dynasty Warriors 9.

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